pre-order stacking rings in neon chartreuse

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A simple twist on a classic ring, this ring is ready for adventure.  (And ready to be worn every day.)


Made from a single coil of bronze wire, this deceptively simple ring actually looks like two, but comes together underneath to make a comfy and easy to wear statement ring.
Created as a limited edition in small batches.
Due to the nature of this ring, some slight size variation may occur, but rest assured, your ring is designed to still fit comfortably.
Caring for bronze:  Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin that wears beautifully over time.  The color may deepen, particularly when not worn, but can be cleaned with a soft polishing cloth.  The best way to keep your ring in good condition is wear it often.  (And it’s so comfortable, you’ll want to!)  To prevent tarnish, we recommend you keep your ring out of high humidity situations, like storing it in the bathroom or wearing it to the beach.
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