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Save when you buy the bundle! The perfect gift for friends, family members, and business cohorts who need a creative boost! 
What stops creatives from getting things done? Often, it's not a lack of systems or planning, it's mindset. More than any other group, creative indviduals tend to get stuck in cycles of overthinking, over-researching, fear, and perfectionism that keep us from creating our best work.

In this motivating book, artist, metalsmith, writer, and creative business coach Megan Auman tackles head on the question of "how do you get so much done?"

Far from unattainable systems that will leave you feeling frustrated, Auman guides you through a series of mindset shifts that are essential for accomplishing more in your creative business. Tackling topics from getting over perfectionism to ditching the shame around organization (or lack there of) to getting comfortable making money (so you can make more of your best work), Try It & See is a welcome-relief to artists, makers, designers, and creative business owners who want to get out of their heads and get more done.

Written from her own experiences as both a teacher and former worrier and over-thinker, Auman's combination of gentle tough-love and insightful understanding (you'll be saying, "seriously, I think she's talking about me") will leave you feeling empowered to get more done in your creative business than you ever thought possible!

TIAS is perfect for artists, makers, designers, and creative business owners, and makes a great gift for graduating creatives looking to make their way in the world!

At 160 pages, this inspirational little book is the perfect pick me up any time you need a creative boost. Book dimensions: 5" by 7.5" Printed in the US.

Comes signed and shipped directly from Megan's Pennsylvania studio as a set of 3 - keep one for yourself and gift the other two! Your books will ship within two business days. Delivery times vary based on location.

"Megan’s approach is like a hackless hack to getting stuff done. Try It & See shows us that being productive is not about using brute force or magical thinking, it’s about taking action in a way that takes the fear out of reaching for our goals." - Betz White

"It’s Megan’s trademark combination of densely packed practical advice and softly delivered tough-love. I kept thinking 'uh-oh, I think she’s talking about me…' Absolutely recommended." - Janet Taylor

"I wish I could have read Try It & See a decade ago. It’s exactly what I needed to help me prioritize the most impactful work for my business within my very limited time and ability." - Amy Darigol

“After listening to the recording a couple of times, something shifted in my head that allowed me to take my "crazy" ideas (completely different from what I was making before) seriously enough to put them out in the world, but not seriously enough to not put them out there for fear of failure, or not being just right. Try It & See opened the door to exploration and, ultimately, a line of work that feeds my creativity and has brought much-needed new income! I will be forever grateful to Megan for creating this book.” - Sol Proaño

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