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As an independent artist, maker, crafter, or small business owner, trying to get your products into stores can be overwhelming. But not anymore.

In this in-depth guide, artist and creative business coach Megan Auman walks you through everything you need to know to get your business wholesale ready - from designing a line sheet to taking orders to reaching out to stores to deciding if, when, and how to do a trade show.

Drawing on her experience selling to hundreds of stores and exhibiting in over twenty-five trade shows, not to mention coaching and teaching artists and makers across multiple product categories on how to get wholesale ready, Auman masterfully guides you through every stage of the wholesale process.

In this book, you'll discover:

  • The benefits of selling to stores
  • How to get over your fears around wholesale
  • How to evaluate your product line to determine if you're ready to sell to stores
  • How to price your art, craft, or handmade products so you're profitable
  • The essential policies you need to before you approach stores
  • The keys to designing an effective line sheet
  • The best ways to take wholesale orders and invoice stores
  • Using online wholesale platforms
  • How to find potential stores to carry your products
  • How to present your line to stores
  • Tips for preparing for your first trade show
  • How to design your trade show booth
  • Strategies for growing your wholesale business
  • And so much more!

This is the definitive guide for any artist, maker, designer, or crafter who wants to see their products on the shelves of their favorite local boutiques. Whether you're considering your first trade show or freaking out because a local store approached you about carrying your products, you won't want to take another step forward in your wholesale business without consulting this book.

At over 300 pages, this book is the definitive guide to selling your art, craft, or handmade products to stores. Book dimensions: 5.25" by 8" Printed in the US.
Comes signed and shipped directly from Megan's Pennsylvania studio! Your book will ship within two business days. Delivery times vary based on location.

"The Artists & Profit Makers Guide to Selling to Stores is a must read for all artists and makers that want to sell their work. Reading this book would have saved me so much frustration and money as I ventured into trade shows. Do yourself a favor and read this book. Then share it with all of your artist and maker friends. Megan covers everything that you need to know to feel prepared to sell your work to stores and so much more." - Amber Kane, artist and educator

Customer Reviews

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Indre Vepstas
Great info!

Full of great info about wholesale. Def recommend this. Megan is always straightforward and doesn't add useless fluff when she teaches.

Deborah Alexander

It’s good!

Laurel Grey
Wish I'd had this years ago

Haven't read every chapter yet, but easy enough to cherry pick the chapters you do need instead of reading the whole book first. I wish I would have had this information years ago, instead of figuring out some of it through the school of hard knocks. Megan speaks from the trenches so we get to benefit from her own years of trial and error. Highly recommend.

Suzanne Paynter
Must have handbook!

Such helpful information-I wish I’d had this years ago before I started selling to stores!

Laura Lambrecht
So much goodness here!

I can’t say enough wonderful things about this book! As someone who used to own their own retail store, and has been a consultant and rep for hand made lines, I really really needed to read this to help prepare me for finally launching my own line. I seriously highlighted things on every page and read the whole book in a couple days because I couldn’t put it down. Just buy it!!!