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What does it mean to be an artist and who gets to call themselves one?

In this intriguing blend of research and self-reflection, artist and creative business coach Megan Auman unpacks the myths and legends surrounding the idea of artist and dives into the history behind prevailing art world boundaries.

Drawing on her own experience as an artist - and as the daughter of an artist - and backed by explorations into the dogma that still colors many people's perceptions, Auman encourages readers to break free from tired art world definitions and gives every person who calls themselves a creative, a maker, a designer, or a crafter permission to be an artist.

At 120 pages, this insightful little book is the perfect pick me up for any creative struggling with their identity of their worth. Book dimensions: 5" by 7" Printed in the US. Published in 2023.

Comes signed and shipped directly from Megan's Pennsylvania studio! Your physical book will ship within 1-2 business days and the digital & audio versions will be delivered via email within 24 hours after purchase.

The digital version includes the book in PDF, ePub, and Kindle formats, as well as the audio version, read by the author, in MP3 format.

"I read the entire book in a day. It's a great and easy read, that is also motivating and filled with learning about the history of art and capitalism. This book should be read by people that call themselves artists, that want to call themselves an artists, that teach artists, and that love or care about someone that loves the arts." - Amber Kane

Featuring essays on the following topics:
  • Identity: How do we decide who gets to be an artist?
  • Value: What is the worth assigned to art?
  • Education: Do artists need to go to art school?
  • Location: Does it matter if you make art for the museum or the home?
  • Labor: Who makes the work and does that make it art?
  • Permission: What does being an artist allow us to do?

The book dives deep into the history of art world divisions while weaving in reflections and stories that any artist - or anyone who's struggled to call themselves an artist - can relate to!