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Are you tired of struggling to get great photos of your art, craft, or handmade products? Do you wish someone could show you exactly how to photograph what you make? Do you want to learn professional photo tips and tricks without having to hire a pro every time you make new work?

My Done With You Product Photography Day combines a professional photo shoot of your art, craft, or handmade products with my patient and practical teaching style. The result? You get a bank of images you can use in your product listings, social media, and marketing while developing the skills to take better pictures on your own any time you like!

How it works:

To get started, simply pay the $250 fully-refundable deposit. (Which will be applied to your overall cost.) From there, we'll set up a 30 minute consult to discuss your goals and plan your shoot!

On your photo day, we'll spend about six hours working (plus a break for lunch). Approximately four hours will be spent taking photos and another two on editing. This will give you plenty of time to learn the process and we can even shoot with multiple set-ups or in multiple locations!

When our day is done, you get access to all the edited and unedited photos we've created, so you can use them as much as you want in your product listings, social media, and marketing.

PLEASE NOTE: This payment is your initial deposit ONLY! Scroll down to see the total cost based on location!

Your place or mine!

Your equipment plus mine!

Simple, styled, or on the body!

"Spending the day with Megan was a game-changer!"

I was struggling to get good stylized photos of my work. Spending the day with Megan was a game-changer. We discussed my issues/struggles with getting good images. Megan spent the time to get to know me and my work prior to our scheduled "Done With You Photo Day". Megan arrived with equipment, props etc in tow for back up. The day was the perfect balance of Megan photographing and me observing; teaching me the ins and the outs; me photographing and practicing; along with plenty of time for Q/A throughout. The day was specifically geared towards me, my work, style and how to achieve my goals. At the end of the day, I was blown away by all that we were able to cover as well as the number of photos I have to work with. Megan helped me build the confidence to be able to begin to take my work to the next level. Megan's "Done With You Photo Day" is invaluable to any studio artist looking to elevate their work/brand to the next level.

- Beth Ann Judge

The cost:

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