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Launch your signature e-course, workshop, or in-person class.

(Without creating a class full of copycats.)

Do/Teach is a self-paced e-course designed to lead you through the process of developing a creative e-course, workshop, or in-person course. You’ll develop a class based on your unique skills, talents, aesthetic, or vision that doesn’t just teach people how to rip you off. (After all, you want to protect your confidential processes.)

  • develop a signature topic for your class.
  • identify and target the ideal students for your class.
  • create projects and assignments that get your students excited while helping them learn new creative skills.
  • build confidence in your own teaching personality.
  • learn to structure hands-on and technical demos in a way that’s easy for students to understand.
  • learn the nuts and bolts of teaching skills and techniques online.
  • find the ideal price for your course.
  • develop a strategy to market and sell your course.

In Do/Teach, you’ll develop a signature e-course, workshop, or in-person class that you can run, refine, and run again and again.

Do/Teach features six modules full of content that you can work through at your own pace. Each module of Do/Teach will bring you one step closer to launching your own class. Work through the program in order, or skip right to the content you need most to launch your class!

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